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HQ Interview: Country Life

So Badvo is kind of out in the sticks, does it impact your business being in a rural location?

It impacts me more than I thought it would. Getting things delivered can be difficult and time-consuming. I remember when I was trying to get the gas tank delivered and it got delayed like three times with snow.

I was just hanging about in the snow drift laughing at the horrendous timing. For sure there are some logistical problems being on these old country roads. To be honest, though, I bear in mind that it's not the worst. Pitlochry is like the accessible Highlands, it's not like we're on an island or anything.

Why did you decide to set up Badvo on the farm?

It was the perfect place, with the botanicals, and the spring water. Not only that but I wanted to come back to help out on the farm. It's a crazy thing a family business, we've been here so long that there's this amazing sense of roots.

Does Pitlochry drink a lot of gin?

Pitlochry drinks so much gin. I had ideas of 50 plus outlets when I set out but Pitlochry certainly keeps me on my toes. The first day we launched I ambled down with the first boxes around midday and there were people who had been waiting for it from 10am. I was up till 3.30 some nights that week trying to keep up with the bottling.

Badvo is branded as Pitlochry's Gin, why was it important to you to relate the gin to both the farm and the town?

I think people are interested where a spirit is from. I wanted to use the name of the farm as that's where we're foraging from and it's unique to us. I wanted to use Pitlochry's Gin as I wanted people to have a sense geographically where we are. As all the botanicals are from the farm I like to think that the gin is a reflection of the locality.

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