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Founded in 1599 and 2018

On the 7th of July 1599, the Stewart family established

Badvo hill farm outside Pitlochry in Perthshire. Valued

for its plentiful fresh spring water and biodiversity the

farm has stayed in the family to this day. The farm was

previously a site of distilling as spirit was produced in

farm cooperatives in the 1700s as detailed in the

family distilling handbook. The Stewarts were actively

involved in the cooperatives that established the

distilleries local to Pitlochry, and today malting floors,

pagoda/cupola chimnies, and other distillery features

can still be found in the farms that the family

previously ran.


At 18 years old Helen Stewart started working at a

local distillery and fell in love with the Scottish Spirits

industry. She went on to spend three years collecting

funding for the distillery, designing the gin, and

renovating the building, whilst she completed her

degree in English Literature and Language. Upon

discovering her heritage in distilling through the family

distilling handbook she wrote her dissertation in

The Linguistic Legacy Illicit Distillation left in Whisky

and Gin. She came home to open Badvo Distillery

in 2018.


When Badvo was opened it was discovered that Stewart's forebear had also planned a distillery at 18 and opened it at 22, in a true example of history repeating itself.

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